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Virtual Kishinev

All lines are served by Bus Dpt. nr. 2. The general number of buses on lines doesn't exceed 178, from which about 30 are Ikarus-280 (15 of them serve route 23R, 10 - 3R), 2 - Ikarus-263 (on routes 17Е and 38), others - Ikarus-260. There are also some buses LiAZ-5205 but, probably, in a non-working status.

At present there are 30 bus routes in Kishinev.

In the number of a route the letter "R" stands for "rapid", Е - "express", "C" - "commercial", though there isn't any difference in the mode of circulation. They differ only by fare: in simple (without a letter in the number) - 75 bani (about 6 cents), "C" and "R" - 1 leu (approximately 8 cents), Е - 1.5 lei (12 cents).


The lines are served by three urban Trolley-Bus Depts. General number of Trolley-Buses on lines is approximately 240, from which 9 are Skoda-14tr (5 of them serve route 1, 4 - on route 8), 4 articulated YUMZ (2 - on route 1, 2 - on route 8), 7 articulated ZiU-10 (1 - on route 1, 2 - on route 8, 4 - on route 22), others are ЗиУ-9.

At present 24 routes work. In October, 2001, by The Day of City, the Authorities of Kishinev are going to hand over in operation a new trolleybus line connecting the Centre with Durleshty.

Fare is 50 bani (about 4 cents) yet.

Routed Vans

In Kishinev the given type of transport is most accessible as covers all city and plies much more often than buses and trolley buses, besides on the majority of routes - from 5:00 untill 23:30, and on some - untill 01:00. The general number of machines on lines is approximately 1500. Models of vans are very different: the majority are Mercedes-207D, -208D, -209D, -210D, -308D, -310D; also there are a lot of Mercedes-407D, -408D and so on; Fiat, Peugeot, RAF, Ford, Hyunday-Н100, DAF, GAZ-Elle, Iveco and lots of others.

At present there are 61 route in operation.

Fare is 2 lei (about 16 cents).


The given type of transport in Kishinev existed since 1888 on 1960. At first it was the horse-railway, then in the period from 1910 till 1913 trams completely have been transferred to electrical draft.
Now the Mayor of city at each convenient case tells that the tram in Kishinev will be revived. From the words of the Mayor also follows that it will be a speed tram; the first line will connect Botanca with New Chekany, the depot will be constructed on New Chekany. But that will happen not earlier than in 10-15 years.

Railway Transportation

The date of Birth of Moldavian Railway is considered August 28, 1871 - day of opening of movement of trains on Tiraspol-Kishinev direction. More detailed information can be gathered on a Site of the Moldavian Railway.

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